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About URN Citizen Reporting Platform

This reporting platform allows Citizen Reporters from communities across the Uganda to share the stories that are affecting them and their communities.

The Uganda Radio network team travels the country to train active community members in basic reporting techniques. Equipped with the skills and means to share stories from the centre of their communities, these Citizen Reporters offer a diverse range of on-the-ground perspectives from remote and marginalised communities.

  • Radio Pacis Director Fr Tonino Pasolin flanked by the citizen reporters receives smart phones presented by URN.

How does the project work?

Communication between the citizen reporters and the Citizen Reporting Platform is made possible through a custom-built and encrypted Administration Dashboard. The reporters use our Android App to Record Audio, Capture Photographs, Record Video and write Reports which they then send in to the Administration Dashboard, and then edited and curated for the URN website.

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